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Great news!

JoAnn was on NPR Radio to discuss her Singles Dances, Wed May 27 from 7 - 8 PM, dial 89.1 or 104.3 stations for the Jack Rodolico NH Calling show.


JoAnn working on the music playlist for Singles Dances when they restart



Dances will restart when Covid scare is done. We will post here where and when the dances will be held. Keep checking here for info when Singles Dances will restart.


Our parties are focused on bringing local singles
together so you don't waste time and money trying to establish a relationship with someone too far away. 
Meet other local single people (ages 25 & 



Our Dancing VJ works hard for your enjoyment.

The Dancing VJ is back to give you a fun night.



We are the safe place where local singles over 25 years of age go to make new friends.




Marriage 176

Reina & Jon


Mariage number 175  Lynn & Vic met 13 years ago and married 6 years ago!  Congratulations....

This works; I know I met my wife there!   Dave

All ages attend....





My wife I met at a dance proof that our fun & safe dances work!

                   Always new singles to meet!


















                Marriage 174  Jaye & Alvin 





















    2018  Halloween party was loads of fun.

               our newest match Donna & John  




Our dance parties are a safe & fun night for non bar type people.







Heather's Birthday Party











Shelia's Birthday!


(All told last week there were 7 Birthdays!)

Two Marines paying homage to our fallen veterans during our "Thank You Veterans" circle dance.

New Years  Eve was a fun night and packed house!

Congratulations to Charlie & Minerva.

Safe place to meet!





Dawn & Greg are now marriage number 172!  As Dawn Says:  "I Choose You For Life Greg Macintosh!"



                                 Halloween Party 2017

                                      Halloween Party 2017

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Halloween party 2017.


                             Aiways new singles to meet.

Bringing in 2017...














Halloween Party 2016












                  Halloween party 2016





Ken & Michelle met and are now engaged.




Always new local singles to meet...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       




Marriage number 171 Mike Lord & Deby McCrellis!  Congratulations!

The Easter Bunny showed up at a dance.
Thank you Easter Bunny for showing up.
Find someone new !
2015 Halloween Dance.
Always new singles of all ages.
2015 Halloween Dance.




Love at first sight!  Newest match made  Dale & Candice.

Join us this Saturday and change your life!



Marriage number 168, Darlene Garnett met her husband 12 years ago and they married 10 years ago.  Congratulations!



Darlene & Ben met and came back to celebrate their anniversary!

Wedding 167 is Jane Patterson & Joel Smith

Wedding 166 is Joanne & Harry

"Met my husband here 12 yrs ago the day after Christmas and have been married 10 yrs now."


Congratulations on your happy marriage, you are now the 165th marriage.

Our latest engagement; Deby & Mike, congratulations.

Thank you everyone for helping me celebrate my birthday.  Dave!

Mark Higgins & Deena Hadley marriage 164.
  • Here is what they wrote: "This Is Deena I have been coming to the dance hall for a few years and finally met Mark May 17th 2013. We got married Sept 6 2014. Your dance hall is a great fun safe place and I am so glad I found someone cool and awesome enough to marry thru your location. Thank you.

2014 Halloween party!


I want to thank our customers who gave us this cake celebrating 20 years of Singles Parties 



 Chris & Wendy now engaged.




Ron and Linda met  about three months ago.




Wanda & Brian met  and are now an item!

            Always new local singles to meet....




New Years eve dance party hello 2014!

















         Join us and find that special person!

                    Singles of all ages attend.

                           A fun and safe night out!

                                                                                                                 Always new singles to meet!

                  Friendly people.








Latest engagement .




A fun, inexpensive party where you can meet many singles at one time.




Fun, inexpensive and safe!



                 Meet someone new!

Join us and meet many local singles . Also, a good way to meet your online friends and if there is no chemistry, your night is not wasted as there are many other singles for you to meet!

The videos above will give you an idea of what happens at the popular singles dances.



A meeting place appropriate for singles aged 25 and over.




Bringing people together in a casual, fun & safe atmosphere!

For 30 years our dance parties been bringing singles together in a fun, inexpensive & safe place.  There have been 176 marriages from people meeting at our dances.


David McDermott  has many years experience in running dance parties.  The parties  are inexpensive. There is no bigger bargain than our dance parties.

The Bay radio commercial for the Singles Parties.
Part of our extensive advertisement to ensue there are always new singles on Friday night for you to meet!
The Bay radio commercial.mp3
MP3 audio file [970.2 KB]
JoAnn on the Shark radio station 1053.
The Friday parties at Daniels Hall are the most heavily advertised singles event in NH.
Daniels Hall January 2009.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.2 MB]
Shark Radio Station

The Shark radio station appeared at Daniels Hall.  Part of our extensive advertising ito ensure there are new singles for you to meet.



We also advertise on "The Bay" and had their top DJ in house for a party!




Good dance music makes it easy to meet people!



Our dance parties a fun & inexpensive way to meet other local people.




Join us and meet many local singles!














     DJ JoAnn knows how to pump up a party!